We’re Crypto-Native, Cyber Experts, and Blockchain Believers

Our Vision

Preventing bad things from happening to good people on the blockchain

Our Mission

DeFi today is fragile, dangerous, and prohibitive – but it doesn't have to be. We are here to make DeFi anti-fragile, safe and accessible to all

Our Core Values

redefine's core values
We are passionate about what we do! We are tenacious and optimistic
We challenge the status quo fearlessly
We have a compelling desire to improve and grow
We operate with complete transparency, inclusiveness, and fairness
We get sh*t done!
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What our customers say

“At Karpatkey, we appreciate the added security that Redefine provides us with through DeFirewall. It gives our team quick access to information and a risk assessment of transaction data without interrupting our workflow. Furthermore, we use Redefine’s Approval Manager to periodically review our risk exposure.”

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