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DeFirewall provides a cybersecurity risk assessment for every on-chain transaction prior to signing. This allows you to make completely informed decisions when signing on transactions and will clearly show if a transaction would likely result in you losing funds.


Due Diligence

Provides users with risk-related metrics that are associated with a specific contract of interest. This information is provided in an automated fashion and is accessed by either searching for a contract address or by clicking on contract links while navigating the web application. This is performed using an automated engine and will help save time while investigating new protocols and projects.

approval manager

Approval Manager

The Approval Manager allows you to see all active token approvals across all of your wallets simultaneously, with results aggregated across all supported chains. A risk analysis is provided for all approvals giving you suggestions around which approvals should be revoked. Additionally, approval monitoring will notify you around these risks and will also give you the ability to batch-revoke approvals in a user-friendly way.

Protect your tokens with dApproval -


Our monitoring solution looks at all the contracts you are exposed to and notifies you on changes in risk profile. This includes active approvals, positions in liquidity pools, bridge exposure, stable coin pegs and more. You will be able to configure your risk tolerance and the types of alerts you receive.

defi dome

DeFi Dome

Using our monitoring infrastructure as a trigger, the DeFi Dome Proactively defends against attacks in real-time, automatically securing customers’ funds that are in imminent danger. Monitoring the mempool allows us to identify malicious transactions that will negatively impact your portfolio before they are mined. By using MEV techniques to frontrun these malicious transactions, measure are taken to secure your funds before an attack is executed.

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