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Risk Center

Your One Stop Shop For Portfolio Management

The Risk Center for institutional DeFi funds is a powerful dashboard that consolidates data from multiple wallets, and chains, enabling you to visualize your entire portfolio and associated risk metrics in one place.

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  • risk center
    Holistic portfolio view across wallets and chains

    View your spot holdings, positions, and associated risks in one place.

  • One Click Setup

    Simply connect your wallets and Redefine will continuously map your open positions, spot holdings, changes, related contracts, and governance protocols for your portfolio.

  • Understand and Manage Open Approvals

    View risk analysis on your open approvals and revoke permissions on a case by case basis or all at once.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Ensure and demonstrate regulatory compliance effortlessly. Make sure that you’re not interacting with sanctioned addresses unknowingly.


Understand Every Transaction Before You Sign It

Secure your transactions with easy to understand risk analysis and recommended actions

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  • token contracts
    Comprehensive Risk Assessment

    Our advanced insight engine provides a detailed risk assessment based on policies crafted by top DeFi and blockchain experts.

  • User-Friendly Interface

    Our intuitive tool provides detailed risk assessment in an easy to understand format to enable informed decision making.

  • Thorough Transaction Analysis

    Dive deep into transactions with tools that examine meta-calls, events, traces, and all involved contracts and method calls for comprehensive insights.

  • Auditable History Log

    Keeps risk related transactional information for audit to allow for better internal controls


24/7 Protection for Your On-Chain Positions

Our cutting-edge monitoring tool watches over your positions and all dependencies including contracts, liquidity pools, governance protocols, and more. Risk changes in your portfolio trigger real time alerts so that you can protect yourself.

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  • token contracts
    Real-time Alerts

    Stay ahead of potential attacks with instant notifications. Receive personalized cyber, financial, and compliance related alerts based on your portfolio.

  • Automated Setup

    Just add your wallet, and our system will automatically detect your positions along with all relevant contracts that can impact your funds. New positions are automatically detected and monitored.

  • Configurable Alerts

    Tailor your alerts to your precise needs. Alerts are automatically set up but can be completely reconfigured at any time.

  • Eliminate Noise - Receive Alerts That Matter

    Our security team designed alerts to only trigger in response to important risks - when you get an alert, you know it matters.

Due Diligence

Your Counterparty Risk Analysis

Our Due Diligence tool helps you easily evaluate the legitimacy of blockchain projects, smart contracts, and wallets, so you can make informed investment decisions securely.

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  • token contracts
    Complete Token Validation

    Validate tokens comprehensively, assessing risks and vulnerabilities. View token distribution and associated risk assessments.

  • Smart Contract Insights

    Understand smart contracts thoroughly, detecting vulnerabilities and past issues. Access historical and usage data for secure DeFi transactions.

  • Instant EOA Reputation Analysis

    Discover the history and reputation of Externally Owned Accounts instantly. Investigate EOAs and multisigs with detailed data on their DeFi history.

DeFi Dome

Automatically Executed Attack Prevention

DeFi Dome offers automated security in the Web3 world using predetermined customized exit strategies. When DeFi Dome identifies severe risks, it automatically executes the exit strategy on your behalf to safeguard your assets.

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  • Customizable Exit Strategies

    Set triggers, and tailor your exit strategies to your specific risk tolerance and investment goals, ensuring precision in risk management.

  • Automated Execution

    DeFi Dome is triggered when major risks arise. It then executes pre-signed transactions defined in your exit strategy and moves your funds to a designated wallet.

  • Non Custodial Solution

    Automated non custodial attack prevention means that your exit strategies are executed on your behalf without you ever needing to share your private keys with us.