Redefine raises $11 million Seed round

January 17,2022

Israeli blockchain security startup Redefine announced on Monday that it has raised an $11 million Seed round at a $50 million valuation. Redefine develops a DeFi security solution catering to institutional investors in order to help them manage investment risks through a smart platform that automatically analyzes risk, monitors market changes in real time, and proactively protects capital in the event of a cyber attack. Emphasis is placed on automating due-diligence and risk-monitoring processes that are usually performed manually, allowing investors to deploy capital into the latest projects and to monitor the risks associated with their positions in a scalable manner.

The Seed round was led by Palo Alto-based Ribbit Capital, with participation from Jump Capital and ParaFi Capital. Ribbit Capital has previously invested in the likes of Coinbase, Robinhood and Chainalysis. ParaFi Capital and Jump Capital, both U.S.-based, focus on early stage investments of blockchain-centric companies through their venture capital arms.,7340,L-3927366,00.html


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