Enhanced Blockchain Security: Redefine Partners with Safe for Unmatched Treasury Deployment Protection

June 26,2023

Redefine, a leading innovator in blockchain security, together with Safe, the most trusted digital asset management platform, are excited to announce their strategic partnership. By integrating Redefine’s groundbreaking DeFirewall, a pre-transaction risk assessment tool, into Safe’s user interface, the collaboration aims to help users transact with more confidence by diligently checking each transaction.

Safe{Wallet}, the robust smart account wallet with enhanced security for on-chain treasury management, has become the default wallet of choice for Web3 native projects and individual asset holders.

With over $54 billion worth of assets under self-custody, Safe’s mission is to bring Web2-level user experiences to Web3, setting the standard for security and accessibility on the platform. Safe{Wallet}users include Vitalik Buterin, AAVE, and other major protocols and DAOs. The integration of Redefine’s DeFirewall into Safe{Wallet} elevates the level of protection over assets while guaranteeing greater transaction security which will pave the way for greater adoption of digital assets.

DeFirewall, an established and proven product developed by Redefine, revolutionizes risk assessment in blockchain transactions. By meticulously scrutinizing each transaction before execution, it generates detailed risk reports and actionable insights. This innovative tool not only strengthens the security of institutions' assets but also acts as a powerful deterrent against the unauthorized use of funds.

“Improving the user interfaces of Web3 platforms is one of the greatest tools we have in order to combat bad actors and exploits in this industry,” said Richard Meissner, Co-Founder and Technical Lead at Safe. “The issue of blind signing, where users may sign off on transactions they are not fully informed about, is an area of concern as we look to make self-custody accessible to a wider range of users and organizations. By partnering with Redefine and integrating DeFirewall, Safe is offering greater transparency and assurance in their everyday transactions, enabling sustainable growth on the platform.”

“Safe is an unrivaled and trusted platform that financial institutions and other users depend on for managing their digital assets securely,” said Shira Brezis, CEO and Co-Founder of Redefine. “This integration combines two crucial elements for users—enhanced risk visibility and trusted security. We look forward to ushering in a new era of security with this collaboration between Safe and Redefine.”

This partnership reaffirms Redefine's commitment to improving security standards for institutions deploying capital and its dedication to enhancing security in every transaction. It aligns with the company's broader strategy of offering resilient risk management solutions tailored to the specific needs of different financial entities across regions.

As the industry eagerly anticipates the impact of this collaboration, Redefine and Safe will continue to release more details about how this partnership will shape the future of transaction security on-chain. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting development.


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